Spring & Summer 2015 CSA

Spring & Summer CSA

Join Andy's Specialty Garlic & Produce Spring & Summer CSA, and support a local, organic, and sustainable family farm! Here are some exciting updates from the farm: The seed starting greenhouse is full of trays of onions, leeks, kale, chard, lettuce, regular and heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and more! We are well on our way to Spring! Two of our high tunnels are already plantedwith lettuce, salad mix, spinach, sugar snap peas, kale, chard, and napa cabbage. Unfortunately one of our high tunnels collapsed in late February from all the heavy snow and ice. We are not sure if we are going to try to fix it or take it apart. It has newer plastic on it so it might be worth trying to save.

This season's CSA boxes are going to be terrrific! We plan to have plenty of your favorite vegetables: lettuce, tomatoes, seedless cucumbers, carrots, spinach, green beans, sugar snap peas, sweet onions, sweet peppers, broccoli, and new potatoes. Also many other kinds of delicious vegetables and herbs, all grown in rich organic soil.

Spring CSA Info

Summer CSA Info

We're Improving our Farm  

This year we plan on spreading lots of compost on our fields to increase the nutrient and organic matter content. Another soil amendment we plan on using is Kelp meal. Kelp is harvested from the ocean and contains 60+ trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that increase a plant's resistance to pests and disease. What this means is that our vegetable crops will take up these trace minerals into the plant tissues and provide them to the person consuming them. Most food today, even certified organic is lacking these trace minerals necessary for optimum human health. We aim to go above and beyond organic standards to provide you the best quality vegetables you can get. For instance, there are several organic pesticides approved for use in organic production of broccoli and cabbage to kill the green worms.

CSA Rewards

Please consider joining our CSA this season.
If you sign up 10 people for the Summer CSA you will receive a FREE Summer CSA share!

Last, but not Least...

We choose to use no pesticides and instead use a row cover to exclude pests.
Our farm greatly needs the support of people like you to continue to produce great quality food. The best job is one that not only provides for me and my family but also improves people's health and wellness.